Due to the increasing attention of the market to flushable wipes, ASNONWOVENS gained the advantage of being the first manufacturer in Turkey and one of the pioneers in the world as of producing flushable and biodegradable wet toilet tissue material called as BioFlush which can decompose 100% in the nature and disperse in the water.

BioFlush, which is produced by using 100% natural sources is kind to the skin due to its very soft touch and is designed to meet all the needs and expectations of the wet toilet tissue industry. BioFlush helps to make life easier for everybody by not clogging the toilets and city sewages.

The flushability of BioFlush has been approved by 7 tests which performed by CTP Laboratories in France according to the regulations of EDANA and INDA Guideline 3. Though its high dispersibility and flushability values (even much better than EDANA & INDA’s existing Guideline 3); thanks to its appropriate strength values, BioFlush can be easily converted in wet wipe production lines.

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