After raising income levels, the people increased their expenses on personal hygiene products so the consumers are increasingly inclined towards feminine care products to ensure about their wellness and to avoid health issues. Another major reason is the increasing awareness towards personal hygiene and higher adoption of sanitary pads in markets. Recently more women are wearing them daily for hygiene needs, and some women are wearing them for light incontinence needs.

As a key for innovation and cost optimisation by the use of higher manufacturing efficiency, ASNONWOVENS continuously invest in research and development activities to keep up to date with women’s needs, whether it’s the need for convenience or fresh feel.

In order to provide the consumer very different features for sanitary pads, we produce Acquisition Distribution Layer and Topsheet by air through bonding process. ASNONWOVENS Topsheet is; to have extraordinary silky touch, excellent functionality, breathable, skin friendly, safe and useful to provide maximum protection with high bladder retention capacity.